How to Supercharge Your Body with Biohacking in 2021

It’s time for an upgrade with life! Check out how I try to become superhuman in this biohacking facility. Upgrade Labs was founded by Dave Asprey who is also the founder of Bulletproof Coffee. And in this video, I explore Dave’s lab on how to supercharge my body and upgrade my mind as a biohacker. Check out this video if you’re looking for ways to control your biology from the inside out, to help enhance and prolong the quality of life!

Question: What are some things that you’re doing that you’ve seen great results from that have helped upgrade your quality of life? Let me know in the comment section below 👇

Upgrade Labs is the first biohacking facility where Dave Asprey brings science and technology together making the body function more effectively. The technology explained in this video and advertised by the lab is built to exponentially improve one’s health on the cellular level including:

– boosting immune system
– accelerate recovery
– reduce inflammation
– increase longevity
– improve cognition
– remove toxins
– boost energy production
– improve sleep quality
– achieve peak performance

So how did I get into this whole realm of biohacking anyway? It starts off with a cup of coffee actually. I like to drink coffee, but I wouldn’t say I’m a coffee addict. Coffee as most people know keeps them alert and helps boost cognitive function. It has antioxidant properties and caffeine helps boost your metabolism and burns fat for energy.

I came across this thing called Bulletproof Coffee at a cafe and thought it sounds pretty cool so I gave it a try. Essentially it was a big cup of coffee with a slab of butter in it … and it tasted super good, so I started to do some research on it. I found out that Bulletproof Coffee is a powerhouse cup of Joe. It complements a lot of healthy or ideal weight loss diet programs like Paleo, low-carb, keto and intermittent fasting. It’s more than just “Butter Coffee”. The Bulletproof Coffee formula says it helps triggers weight loss by way of ketosis, a metabolic state triggered by a lack of carbs that kicks fat-burning into overdrive.

Finding out so much information and all the research that Dave has put in to just one aspect in his life, I was inspired to learn more from him. I got the privilege to hear him speak at a conference back in 2019 and I read his book Game Changers ( There are some powerful ideas and concepts I took away to believe in myself that I can change my body, and brain to perform better.

SO, … after that long-winded story, you all now know why I was so excited to stumble upon this lab and storefront. I’m not an expert at all, but I love learning how all the gadgets, supplements, and biohacker tech machines help the body function better. I hope you enjoy this video as much as I had the pleasure of filming it and sharing it.

Stefan James is another individual that I look up and he’s also had a go at Upgrade Labs, check out his video here:

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