DEF CON 25 BioHacking Village – Trevor Goodman – Hack Your Senses: Sensory Augementation

Everything you know about your environment mediated by your senses. Likely, you can see in a range of colors, hear a car horn honking, and feel the roughness of sandpaper, but light exists in bands too narrow or wide to be processed by your eyes, some sounds are too high or low to be recognized by your ears, and magnetic fields pulse around you all day. Most of us hardly notice. Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita’s research in the 60’s eventually lead to The BrainPort which lets a user see through an electrode grid on your tongue, but sensory augmentation has stayed mostly within the realm of the medical field until recently. Now there are magnets in fingertips all over the place, Neil Harbisson can hear in colors in a wider range than you can see and companies like NeoSensory and Cyborg Nest are building even more devices that let you sense more or differently. We’ll talk through the basics of how your senses work in conjunction with your brain, about many of the great projects that help have helped individuals augment their senses, and why a vibrating North-sensing device mounted to your chest is different than a compass.