How to get better in Geometry Dash with medicine? | Biohacking

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today I present you my first spoken video-experiment. In this video I’ll show you how I hacked myself in geometry dash using health-friendly and legal nootropic medicine gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). I have already tried this experience about 6 times and now I want to share it with you! This doesn’t give you an extra skill for beating hard levels but provide you additional attention span and clean up brain from toxins for much more comfortable gameplay process. WARNING! Do not use it if you have diabetes! Also I reccomend to seek an advice from specialist before trying something like this…
Донатеров всех упомяну в роликах и сообществе, когда откроется!
I suppose it should be a new unique trend in GD content! 😀 The efficiency about 25% is a great result I guess.
Levels I have tried in this video:
► Bloodbath by Riot & more
► Yatagarasu by Trusta & more
► I see by AiHayasaka
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00:00 Disclaimer
00:11 Introduction
00:55 Experimental overview
01:39 Zero day of experiment
→ 3:17 Bloodbath ending 1
→ 4:23 Yata ending 1
→ 5:18 I see ending 1
05:28 Pills time 🙂
06:07 The 3d day
→ 8:08 Bloodbath ending 2
→ 9:31 Yata ending 2
→ 11:09 I see ending 2
11:21 Conclusion
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