5 Revolutionary Technologies That You'll Want NOW

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It’s 2022, so it’s time to take a look at 5 revolutionary technologies that you’ll want now and maybe didn’t know already exist…

The future is going to look very different, with robots, bionics, virtual realities, augmented realities, lab-grown meat, biohacking and medical tech all progressing at insane paces. In this video, learn about what’s getting me excited and get yourself a dose of STOKE for 2022 and beyond.


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00:00 – Intro
00:25 – 1. Biohacking
02:00 – 2. Lab-grown Meat
03:16 – 3. Wearable Health Trackers
04:37 – 4. Robots Robots Robots
05:35 – 5. Diminished Reality
07:17 – Sponsored Segment: OrCam MyEye
08:34 – Honorable Mentions


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