Mia & Jasper || Silent And Grey [Biohackers]


“I was your every day
But then you just went away”

Fandom: Biohackers [+season 2]
Music: Cjbears – Silent and Grey
Coloring: Charizzaard

OMG YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS SERIES RIGHT NOW!! This is such an interesting and really amazing german show, there is SOO much dynamic in it, and in every second you just sitting and thinking about that’s gonna be next. And this couple. I rooted for them since 1 season, even though Jasper was kinda evil (haha, he spread a virus, if you remember), but did you see their interaction with Mia in season 2? If you didn’t, maybe you are gonna change your mind about Jasper. Okay, you have to watch season 2, all right?)

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