Biohacking: Easy Tips for Hacking Your Brain

Biohacking. Since it first became popular, we’ve seen a wide variety of biohacking methods – a few of them absolutely bizarre. However, some biohacking tips can help us access our brainpower, and I decided to explore these methods. Keep watching for some easy biohacking tips!

Biohacking the right way:

00:01:28 Good old…sleep! Why the 7-8 hours is a must? 😴
00:03:07 What taking lunch breaks has to do with brainpower? 🥣
00:03:39 Your body is a racing car 🏎️ – find the right fuel
00:04:38 What does your work mean to you 💭 (and why is that crucial)
00:05:28 Guess the last one – 👟?

Do YOU have some biohacking tricks you swear by? Let us know in the comments below!

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