Biohacking the Physiology of our Divinity, with Jeff Granville

Biohacking the Physiology of our Divinity is a subject that Jeff Granville is well versed in. When he faced a parent’s greatest fear, little did he know how not only mindfulness would save a life, but that it would lead to an interest in Biohacking human health and consciousness. I interviewed Jeff, earlier in 2021 – Let’s catch up with him on his journey of integrity, faith, love, hope and trust.


Episode 31 of the Feel Good Conversation Series. In this Feel Good Conversation, I’m joined by Jeff Granville, founder of, a non-profit organisation. As we’ll learn in this interview when you are biohacking your brain and biohacking your body using easy breathing teachniques, you create deep physiological change.

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Jeff Granville is a Mindfulness Practitioner & father of 8 children. Jeff found himself at a crossroads when his youngest son’s eyes were swollen shut, had labored breathing and required an emergent lumbar puncture to establish if he could receive chemotherapy. The nurses had seen how Jeff had talked his son through earlier procedures like an IV placement, blood draw and oxygen administration and suggested to the medical team they bring him into the procedure room for the PICC line placement & lumbar puncture.

What happened in that room astounded medical staff and even Jeff himself. By using mindfulness, Jeff was able to keep his son still & attentive throughout the procedure, without sedation and without restraints.

This launched Jeff’s interest, leading him to create his nonprofit, Mindful Presents. has grown to include mindfulness sessions for children, parents and families at through the Ronald McDonald house, support for Seattle Children’s Hospital nurse orientation and work with the Parent Advisory Council, and lecture series through the Center for Spiritual Living. He is now available through Center for Healing Neurology for both in person and video mindfulness visits for children, adults and families. 🙌 🙏

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