Dr. Sandra Porthan: Biohacking Female Health

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Sandra discussed in the Biohacker Summit 2020 about the differences between biohacking for men and women. According to Sandra, generally speaking, men tend to be more technology-oriented whereas women have a “softer” approach to biohacking. If you missed the talk, pre-order the video recording-package to dive deep into the differences in biohacking for sexes!

“Know your system to keep it in balance”

Sandra Porthan (@sandraporthan) is one of the leaders of the Biohacking for Women -course (@biohackingwomen). She is also a Physician, Clinical Nutritionist, and Yoga instructor – a multi-talent indeed!

Sandra is a physician and a clinical nutritionist who has versatile experience working with people in the hospital, and private clinics in Finland. Her interests include women’s health, gut health, preventative medicine, and anti-aging. Her passion for using food as medicine to support health and longevity has taken her on a lifelong journey to discover better ways to support health in all areas.

More information about the course: https://www.biohackingwomen.com/