'I’m Feeling Tired All The Time Recently' (Here’s Why, And What To DO)

If you’ve been feeling TIRED all the time lately, there’s likely a reason for it. We shouldn’t be feeling tired, so if you are, you’re probably not sleeping properly, OR it’s one of these reasons. The good news is that it’s almost ALWAYS something you can change, fix or solve.

0:00 Intro
0:51 The impact of these lockdowns on our health.
2:52 What you can do amidst the lockdowns.
3:21 Finding your purpose in spite of the pandemic.
4:37 Why now is a great time to go after your goals.
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I’m a big believer that everyone should follow their HEART and do what they love doing. Even if it’s scary at first. That’s what I’ve done, and I’ve created a life I’m truly proud of, and really enjoy living. Hopefully, my videos will inspire you to do the same, and to pursue your goals, dreams and ambitions.

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