Miranda Kerr shares surprising and detailed rituals, products and treatments for Ageless Beauty.

Exclusive to the Ageless by Rescu Podcast, Supermodel and beauty entrepreneur Miranda Kerr shares her entire beauty, fitness and bio hacking wellness rituals with host Bahar Etminan. The episode reveals her day on a plate, treatments for her mind, body and soul as well as her can’t live without products.

Miranda Kerr unlocks the secrets to her enviable beauty and boundless energy and wellness. Juggling a busy and productive life as a mother of three, CEO of Kora Organics, model, wife and entrepreneur, our Ageless Muse Miranda Kerr has a holistic approach to beauty, wellness and incorporates many surprising natural and scientifically backed bio hacking treatments into her regime. In this revealing episode from the Ageless by Rescu podcast Miranda Kerr shares what she learned from her Grandmother about what men want, how she starts her every day, every single supplement and product she uses, the surprising weight loss tool to tighten her abs, what she and her husband Snapchat Founder Evan Spiegel do to keep their brain fitness at peak condition and the best products she’s discovered through the years to keep her ageless complexion glowing.