Real Doctor Reacts To Biohackers Deliberately Making Children Sick

Biohackers Netflix is an awesome new show! And biohackers season 2 reaction is already happening! A lot of the stuff the show has is actually real! Biohackers Netflix is how you watch it, have you seen the Biohackers trailer? Welcome to the only Biohackers reaction videos out there! Here’s real doctor reacts to Biohackers S1E4!

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Hi, I’m Dr Mo! Welcome to real doctor reacts to biohackers! CRISPR Cas9 is a real thing! So is hyperbaric oxygen therapy and hyperbaric chambers, this can be used to make wounds heal faster and heal diver decompression sickness and even do things like cure sudden hearing loss or sudden sight loss! But they attempt to accomplish these with just a pill! The show… showcases(?) what the world can be if we were just a couple steps ahead of where we are now in gene editing. They haven’t quite achieved the dream yet, they aren’t exactly curing prenatal genetic diseases and producing super soldiers but even students have their hands on the technology and they make glow in the dark plants and stuff it’s pretty cool. They don’t really delve into the gene editing ethics department but it’s definitely going to fall into the wrong hands at some point in the series lol. But yeah superhero serum or super soldier serum doesn’t exactly seem like it’s prevalent in the show yet. Btw the show makes a lot of MArvel references with biohackers mia and jasper, (but don’t forget about biohackers niklas! or biohackers mia and niklas!) spider-man, iron man, pepper potts, captain america… was this a marvel comic book? It definitely feels much deeper than a Marvel story would be, the concept is so cool! I guess it would be my first medical drama review from marvel lol. Oh and the main character biohackers mia, actually just mia or emma or whoever she is, is a med student! Reading the words medical student were what drew me to the series in the first place lol. Come for the YouTube potential, stay for the genetically modified viral gene vectors that can save or destroy humanity. This is Biohackers Season 1 Episode 4, Biohackers S1E4. Hope you like my commentary! You also get to see me test my German out sometimes! Yay Germany! Give it up for biohacking with biohackers mia y niklas! Would you like to be a biohacker biohacking? lol Enjoy 🙂

Mia Akerlund is a student taking medicine at the University of Freiburg, where she meets Jasper, a talented biology student, and Niklas, his somewhat strange roommate. She is very interested in biohacking technology and becomes involved in the world of illegal genetic experimentation. Mia is also trying to investigate the cause of her brother’s death. When she learns of breakthrough biohacking research results which have landed in the wrong hands, Mia has to decide whether to protect her friends or avenge her brother’s death.

Luna Wedler as Emma “Mia Akerlund” Engels
Thomas Prenn as Niklas
Adrian Julius Tillmann as Jasper
Jessica Schwarz as Professor Tanja Lorenz
Zeynep Bozbay as Petra Eller
Caro Cult as Lotta
Eleonore Daniel as Heike
Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer as Ole
Jing Xiang as Chen-Lu
Benno Fürmann as Andreas Winter