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Welcome to Triumph with Trent! In this video, I share with you 5 free biohacks that everyone can utilize to start their biohacking journey.


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1️⃣ Intermittent Fasting⠀
One of the simplest hacks you can start to do to lose weight, improve sleep quality, and maintain consistent energy levels is fasting. You will increase BDNF to regulate memory, learning, and cognitive function. Plus, you won’t be spending time eating for 12 to 16 hrs a day. ⠀

2️⃣ Diet⠀
“How you eat is how you feel.” Eat a diet that will nourish and fuel your body, instead of filling the empty space in your stomach. Eat probiotics/prebiotics like kimchi, sauerkraut, and yogurt to build healthy gut bacteria. Protein is an important building block for the neurotransmitters that send messages throughout the brain. Focus on complex carbs, think 100 percent whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients not only fuel the brain, but they also protect brain cells against damage from free radicals released from pollution, stress, and just being alive.⠀

3️⃣ Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve⠀
The vagus nerve is a two-way network of communication between the brain and most major organs in your body. A 2017 study done in Finland found that stimulation of the vagus nerve improved working memory performance. Use breathing exercises and cold thermogenesis to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and decrease stress and anxiety from the extensive workload you’re managing. ⠀

4️⃣ Nootropics⠀
There are many supplements on the market from Genius, Bulletproof, Onnit, and others that can improve your cognitive abilities. A few I use on a weekly basis are caffeine, l theanine, lions mane, cacao, nicotine, l carnitine, and l tyrosine. Stay tuned for a more comprehensive look into nootropics on my Youtube channel!⠀

5️⃣ Sleep⠀
It’s a known fact if you don’t sleep well, you’re not going to be on your top performance. A 2012 meta analysis of 24 studies found significant impairments in problem solving and memory capacity among poor sleepers. Block out the blue light, make sure your environment is safe/secure, and commit to Triumph to learn all your biohacking sleep needs.

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