Biohacker set review – Life cykel – Lion's mane / Cordyceps / Reishi / Turkey Tail / Shiitake

Hi Everyone,

Today I have a review of the Biohacker set from Lifecykel for you – You will learn about these 5 mushrooms:
Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey Tail and Shiitake.
In this video I will cover the benefits, the dosage, how we have been consuming the mushrooms and possible side effects.

Find the time stamps for the manual, each individual mushroom, final conclusion and dosage down below:

Manual 0:52

Cordyceps 1:41
Reishi 3:13
Lion’s Mane 4:20
Turkey Tail 5:53
Shiitake 6:38

Final conclusion 7:45
Dosage/ How we consume them 8:42

This is based on personal experience as my partner and I have been experiementing with all of these mushrooms on a daily basis for the last two weeks. I am also not giving any medical advice nor am I getting paid for this review.

It is important to know, that we both have been getting conflicting results, this indicates and will give you a better understanding that it will effect each individual differently. So we encourage everyone to experiment with these mushrooms for themselves in order to find out.

You can totally use the glass pipette, which already is provided in the bottles. We’ve just noticed that it’s easier to get a more accurate quantity for the daily recommend serving size, that is the reason why have been using the plastic syringe.

I hope this video is helpful to you and that you get some value out of it.
Please let know in the comments, I would love to hear if you had any experience or are planning on trying mushrooms in the future.

Mush love x

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