UnderWaterBallerina Surgery Recovery Biohacking ASMR – Healing after hip surgery

Due to a congenital fault in my developing hips, I had impeding scar tissue and bone mechanics that caused chronic insult to the tissues in and around my hip capsule. This eventually led to an irreversible inflammatory disease and tissue destruction that had to be debrided from my articulating surfaces. Laproscopic surgery is one of the most least invasive surgeries, Science has developed to reduce the trauma of surgery and enable more successful healing to take hold.
When the avascular cartilage tissue is weakened due to disease, and debrided, I had to be gentle with my movement regimen to avoid high leverage stresses and pressure on my weak tissues. So I took my training underwater to reduce the impact stress of gravity. I studied the body in an integral manner of multiple systems on working to heal the body, and focused on getting as much circulation into this avascular tissue to enable it to harden and heal.