Biotechnology with Ray McCauley – Biohacking and Genetics – S1 EP 13

Today on the Exponential Africa Show Mic Mann interviews Ray McCauley, not the pastor but the Biotech Scientist! Amongst many achievements and startups he is the founder of exponential biosciences and SingularityU faculty chair on digital biology.

Biotechnology, often abbreviated to biotech, is the area of biology that uses living processes, organisms or systems to manufacture products or technology intended to improve the quality of human life.

Ray says Biotech is one third of the world economy, influencing areas like healthcare, and agriculture, and the biggest deal of it all is mastering the process of reading and writing DNA turning Biology into a digital science!

Every living thing has a code, knowing the code gives access to a better life, treating patients based on their DNA coding allows for an exact treatment administering the right amount of a specific medicine needed by the patient. This allows a tailor made treatment, knowing what will and will not work on every living thing. Anything from growing crops to making beer or fuel will come down to understanding the code, the blue prints behind the life force.

Watch the full episode and get to hear more of Ray’s findings on biotech and the developments around it!


Video by: Mann Made


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