Lose Weight While You Sleep! New Biohacking Product

Lose weight while you sleep with our revolutionary biohacking product from Velovita.

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Hello! My name is Priscilla Ashleigh and I am a stay at home mom, a Christian and home based business mentor. I am work from home success story. I love helping people live well, have fun, and create the time & financial freedom to do the things they’ve always wanted to do. I’ve been involved in the online marketing profession since 2010 and I love the TIME FREEDOM this profession offers me.

Based on my success in previous home-based business, I was given an opportunity to become an ambassador with VELOVITA and help build this opportunity to millions. Velovita is officially launching February 2021. Velovita is currently open in the United States however, We have plans to expand GLOBALLY in the near future. You definitely want to sign with a someone who is a leader in the industry and has earned a six figure income plus we have a training system for you to follow. I have scripts for you to use and a lot of training videos here on my YouTube channel.

I am SO glad I said YES to this opportunity. I have been recognized in the industry as:
#1 Income Earner and Recruiter in 2020
#1 Recruiter in 2019 & 2020
Top 10 income earner in 2017 thru 2021
SIX FIGURE earner over the span of my network marketing career

This opportunity is a great for small business ideas, we teach you how to make money online/make money at home.

We have products that have nootropics in them. That is for BRAIN HEALTH. Memory, mental energy, mental clarity. Everyone can use a mental BOOST throughout the day to stay on task! Another product we are releasing January 18th, 2021 is zlem… this is a sleep enhancing fat torching formula. It’s basically exercising for you while you sleep. We have had people lose 8 pounds in 1 week. Another girl lost 12 pounds in 12 days. LOSING A POUND A DAY while you sleep?! Sign me up! We have a TRADEMARK ingredient that nobody else has. It is proven to reduce body mass, lower stress levels and put your body into thermogenisis. Giving you that tiny waist and toned legs we all desire.

While I love a great health product, what I am even more obsessed with is helping people start and build an income producing businesses that they can run from home or anywhere with WiFi.

What about you … are you ready to jump in with BOTH FEET? Are you ready to start making money from home? Reach out, lets chat. Or watch some of my YouTube videos here.

God Bless,
Priscilla Ashleigh
Christian & Stay At Home Mom
6 Figure Earner
Home-Based Business Mentor