Podcast 247 How to biohack your body to improve your mood & mind + why you need to drink more coffee

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SHOW DESCRIPTION: Did you know coffee is a superfood? That fasting doesn’t just mean drinking water? Or that you have the power to change and control your biology? In this podcast I speak with founder of Bulletproof and NY Times bestselling author Dave Asprey about common dangerous wellness myths, how coffee is amazing for your brain, what biohacking is and how it can help you, how to navigate the many wellness trends and find the ones that are best for you, how to fast correctly, the benefits of going without and putting your body under good stress, and more!

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3:07 Why Dave loves coffee and biohacking
4:47 Is coffee good for us?
7:43 How coffee can improve our mental health
9:17 What is biohacking and how can it help us?
11:17 Can biohacking be dangerous?
13:17 How fasting can increase brain power
28:26 Tips to fast better
44:33 Why not all stress is bad for us

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