Are there Biohackers in the Philippines?

How do you boost your immune system at a time like this? I came across the concept of biohacking and wondered if there are biohackers in the Philippines. Join me as I speak with Eli Abela, the first Certified Bulletproof Human Potential coach in the Philippines. Let’s learn more about what biohacking is and how can it help in keeping us healthy.

ELi (pronounced ellie) Abela is the first Certified Bulletproof Human Potential coach in the Philippines, combining conventional life coaching with non-conventional holistic methods such as “energy medicine” and neurosomatic techniques, as well as Bulletproof’s signature term, “biohacking,” which involves manipulating the internal and external environment of the body in order to empower mind, body, and spirit.

She opened the Philippines’ first Biohacking Recovery Center, a non-medical but clinical grade “wholeness” facility offering practical, approachable ways to achieve optimum health, without a diagnosis, without medication, without medical professionals, but only with practices and concepts that harness the biology’s evolutionary survival and self-healing mechanisms.

While the natural mechanisms of the body are already powerful, one’s journey to wholeness can be boosted with the use of “Biohacking” gadgets and machines, proven safe and efficacious for commercial use without the need of medical clearance. With the intention of enhancing cellular function, these machines employ mitochondria-boosting Red Light and Infrared technology, Fascia healing and stimulation, Neurofeedback or brain training, Coherence Training, Exclusion-Zone water inhalation, Molecular Hydrogen, Adaptive Contrast Oxygen training, Bio-Acoustic vibration, and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.

Before using machines, she believes in empowering everyone to take control of their own biology and teaches people free, practical techniques to boost immunity naturally.

ELi also believes in the efficacy of energy psychology in terms of bringing resolution to personal issues and the multi-faceted healing that ensues. She became certified as a Conversational Hypnotherapist in 2016 and that path led to the discovery of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping” and PSYCH K, both energy “medicine” practices that are powerful in transforming lingering memories of intense emotional experiences.

She believes in the power of the Human Potential, and recently concluded what she considers her “pièce de résistance,” the Anat Baniel Method “NeuroMovement” Practitioner course for kids with special needs, seniors, stroke patients, peak performers, etc. She believes practical miracles can happen everyday with the right amount of belief and energy.

Here is a summary of what we talked about:
0:00 GTV’s introduction and why this topic is interesting
1:37 Who is Eli Abela and what she does
2:42 What is Biohacking
4:54 Different degrees of biohacking
6:41 How is this different from holistic medicine
8:06 How did Eli get into biohacking
10:35 Do many Filipinos know about this
12:06 How do we get started with biohacking
15:46 Is there a list of food that is recommended for this
17:27 How is sleep important in this concept
21:09 What new things that Eli discovered when she got into biohacking
25:09 Why is Vitamin D important
27:15 What is the pertinent problem that people have today
28:30 What about exercise in terms of biohacking
33:30 Do we need machines to help us get started and what machines are available
37:27 What age can we use the biohacking machines
44:37 Tips for everyone to boost health and immunity especially during the pandemic
49:08 Biohacking- be interested in who you are and what you like


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