How to Biohack Wearing a Mask

after a long day of shooting guns together and teaching our kids about gun safety, rebuilding a deck, and rearranging the house, We sit down with Breath work coach Nic Zahasky and talk about mask-wearing. Obviously, the best way to biohack the mask is never to wear one.
I was hesitant to release this video because I do not think masks should be mandated and I advocate n0t wearing one.

How to use a pulse oximeter – remember, they “say” the v1ru$ decreases blood oxygen but so does 5G. Buy your own pulse oximieter and test and find out what increases your blood oxygen.. breath work can do just that and it’s free!

Buteyko Method, Oxygen Advantage and more..

Many biohackers have taken a stance in this crazy time, so my hat is off to those standing up for our fr33doms at the expense of losing sponsors and income. Do no stay s1lent