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Good Morning Everybody! This is a highlight #Shorts of my interview with Biohacking Brittany. Her field of research in Nutrition and Biohacking has given her many insights on gut health, leaky gut syndrome, and even hair loss! Through her research, we have also stumbled upon the negative health effects of EMF radiation on our reproductive system, and is designed new clothing to combat this issue!

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Answers to Common Questions
Who is Brittany Ford / Biohacking Brittany – she is an online naturopath, a biohacking podcaster, and someone looking to break her limits! She has gone down the rabbit hole for gut health, skin health, coffee enemas, sensory deprivation chambers and so many more

What is Naturopathic medicine? – basically, it’s a way of trying to fix the very complex issues of your body without having to use a pharmaceutical that does not fix the issue only masks the symptoms of the problem.

What is EMF Blocking Underwear? – Well EMF radiation is a big part of our lives with how fast technology is integrating with our routines. This radiation is still very unexplored for how it is affecting our bodies and its effects on our reproductive cycle. So Brittany has created underwear for women to help protect themselves and your reproductive cycle.

What was her first biohack? Ie the story of hair loss – she first started losing her hair and thinking at the very young age of 16 which is a clear indicator that something is very wrong. People can start to lose their hair in their 60s, not their teens. She found that it was an issue with your digestibility of key nutrients that was reducing the quality output of protein in her body.

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