Biohacking Energy And Focus – The Biohackers Guide

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I have spent the past few years putting myself into situations that are usually very difficult and at the same time somewhat dangerous…

* I did a water-only fast for 5 days… difficult

* I’ve cold plunged almost 200 times in Lake Michigan in December… dangerous

* I slept in an altitude tent for 3 months… difficult (especially if you have a wife, or girlfriend, sharing the bed)

* I’m the youngest person in the world pioneering an anti-aging stack that’s increasing lifespan in rats 25%-40%… difficult to acquire, potentially dangerous

* I’ve spent dozens of hours in sensory deprivation tanks… difficult

* I’ve micro-dosed a number of controversial substances to explore their potential to enhance cognitive function, creativity, and engineer peak states like “flow”… difficult and dangerous

* I left behind my friends and family moving from Chicago to Florida last August … difficult and dangerous (I’ll explain the “dangerous” part in just a second…)

In fact, most of my career I’ve been immersing myself into seemingly horrible situations for the whole goal of pushing the boundaries of human performance… and uncovering the little-known anti-aging secrets that provide the MOST health benefits with the LEAST amount of work…
~ Anthony DiClementi