HACKD Fitness – Biohacker Gym

Welcome to the gym of the future. It’s smaller because you don’t need that much equipment. It has machines you’ve never heard of because the gym of tomorrow looks nothing like the gym of today. There are fewer people because you can get a full workout in 20 minutes. It offers supplemental services you can’t find at your gym because your gym hasn’t caught up to HACKD.

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In this deep dive, you will learn …

What is HACKD (0:00)
– A holistic approach to fitness that emphasizes efficiency and effectiveness
– Individualized instruction and programs, sessions are by appointment only
– Much smaller facility that a traditional gym
– Cutting-edge technology built into their equipment that allows for a full week of working out to be condensed into less than an hour
The future and perception of the gym (5:02)
– Grow to more locations and a larger space
– Should be seen as paradigm-shifting and a place where people get a unique experience with the best equipment
– This is a place where you get results for your mind, body, and spirit
The future of fitness (10:24)
– Carol bike – no one else in NYC has it, it gives you the equivalent of a 45 minute jog in under 10 minutes, uses an algorithm to learn the exact resistance you need
– ARX machines – the reason she opened HACKD, collects data and allows you to compete with your previous workouts, in under 20 minutes per week she gets all the strength training she needs
– Fit 3D scan – collects data on your muscle mass and fat composition to allow you to get a baseline measurement and see exactly how you have improved over time
– Joovv panel – near infrared light
– Infrared sauna – far infrared light
Bob Troia talks us through additional equipment (19:00)
– Nano-V – repairs cells , reduces oxidative stress, makes our body produce anti-oxidants
– Liv 02 – exercising with oxygen and its advantages

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Our goal is to help you understand how optimization and longevity solutions, from the most basic practices that have been around for thousands of years to the most cutting-edge technologies that are still being developed, can extend your prime and help your body and mind resist and reverse the series of changes they begin to undergo in your early 30’s.

We believe in a proactive approach to health care where you go to your doctor to develop a plan for your health, rather than going when you are sick. We believe in shattering conventional practices. We believe we can help you improve, both mentally and physically, as you age, allowing you to live longer, live better, and be around for the people you love most.

We believe that getting older is inevitable, but that aging is not.

Live Longer. Get Stronger. Love More.

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