Biohacking with Bulletproof Coffee Founder Dave Asprey | The Jordan Harbinger Show Ep. 151

Dave Asprey was a 300-pound multi-millionaire in his mid-20s on a collision course with a stroke or a heart attack — provided diabetes didn’t catch up to him first. He worked out 90 minutes a day for six days a week, ate a steady and reduced-calorie diet of whatever food medical professionals of the day prescribed as healthy, but he still couldn’t shed the weight.

So Dave fired his doctor and began Biohacking as a way to take control of his own body. Through much trial and error, a voyage of renewal in the mountains of Tibet, and the loss of that aforementioned multi-millions, he dropped a hundred pounds, founded a company, hosts a podcast, and writes best-selling books like The Bulletproof Diet, Head Strong, and Game Changers.

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What We Discuss with Dave Asprey:

🕶 How Bulletproof founder Dave Asprey biohacked himself from a 300-pound heart attack waiting to happen to 9.6 percent body fat.
🕶 How a prenatal condition, bullying, a thyroid condition, and toxic mold collaborated to bring Dave’s health to a point so low even his doctor couldn’t help him.
🕶 What is your immune system’s “memory” forgetting, and what role does mitochondria play in how you feel?
🕶 What does Dave believe are the top two causes of autoimmunity, and what can we do to guard ourselves when our body can’t even identify the enemy?
🕶 Why does Dave put butter in his coffee instead of milk or cream like normal people, and what’s the difference between real Bulletproof coffee and what the small-town cafe on the other side of the world is trying to peddle as “Bulletproof” coffee?
🕶 And much more…

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