Ben Greenfield on Biohacking Your Morning, Your Performance and Your Life – Episode 229

Would you like to know how to dominate your mornings and have undying energy all day long? This episode of the #RenegadeRadioPodcast takes us through a day in the life of biohacker, and life optimizer, Ben Greenfield.

Watch and listen as we discuss:

– Fat bomb coffee and what’s in Ben’s morning smoothie. Find out the performance and health benefits!

– How does Ben own his morning every day? Ways to improve yourself by tracking HRV, journaling and much more!

– The most effective workouts to build muscle, training in the morning vs. evening, and how to regulate your circadian rhythm.

– What Ben eats to fuel his day, and the importance of family time.

– The Greenfield Training method. How Ben modifies his workout based on what season he’s in and how he gains strength by using bodyweight while traveling.

– Can supplements help improve your sleep? Ben explains the products he uses and the studies to back up why.

– Should you try to get cold in the morning? This and other top tips for getting better each day.

– How to read a book a day. Ben explains how he gets it done and practical ways you can too.

– Books you should read.

– Run efficiency, grip strength and lactic acid tolerance. How to build these skills to run an obstacle race.

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