How Biohacking & Detoxing Saved My Life ft. Josh Macin (The Detox Dudes) || #86

Anthony Bourdain. Kate Spade. Robin Williams.

The news of a celebrity suicide is always shocking & brings mental health to the forefront of discussion. More than a few of us wonder how someone who seemingly “has it all” can reach such a low point where they decide to end their own life. It’s a sad reminder that shows how little we know about mental health issues & the prevalence it has within society.

Josh Macin (The Detox Dudes), our guest this week, was at the top of his world: He was a recently minted Brazilian Ji Jitsu world champion and had a stable sales career with a healthy family life. He was, on the surface, completely healthy. Over a two week period, he mentally broke down and began to lose his sanity: Depression ensued, panic attacks became a regular occurrence, & suicidal thoughts were not uncommon. When his doctors and traditional pharmaceuticals couldn’t help him, Josh went on a three- year journey to figure out what he could do to cure himself and essentially save his own life.

In this discussion, you’ll discover:

– Behind Josh’s Ji-Jitsu sporting career: How he approached fights, using marijuana to improve performance, & more

– Josh’s story for survival: How his mental health issues manifested, the various interventions he experimented with (fasting, nutrition, psychedelics, etc), & what ultimately solved his issues and saved his life

– Behind ayahuasca ceremonies: The traditions, experience of the plant, and what it’s like to go through the process of becoming a shaman

– Do most of us have parasites?

You can check out Josh, his story, and what he’s up to now here:


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