Cleaning DIRTY AJ1 Biohack With Reshoevn8r!

We have discovered a hack to keep your Biohack Jordan 1s looking clean at all times!

Welcome back to another Shoe Care Academy Episode! In today’s video, our very own Akil is going to be teaching us how to keep our AJ1 Biohack in tip-top shape with our Essential Shoe Cleaning Kit. Inspired by the fast paced lifestyle of Japan, these kicks are sure to make a statement in any room they are worn in. We also tease a brand new product that will be hitting our site very soon, make sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know of its launch! If you enjoy this tutorial, make sure to hit it with a like and drop us a comment as we enjoy chatting with our community.

Special thanks to our friends over at Sneaker Knockerz for letting us get our hands on these Biohacks a week before their release date! Check out their site:


Check out our website for all your shoe care needs!


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