Episode 1: What is Biohacking? (Features: Dave Asprey, Jim Kwik, Dr. Joseph Mercola) Ben Angel

What is biohacking?

The biohacking movement has picked up speed as people who have been unable to get answers from their doctors seek to biohack their way out of stress, fatigue, illness & depression. These people are called biohackers.

In episode 1 of season 2 of “Becoming Unstoppable,” we explore this movement, why millions are flocking to it & hear from the key influencers who are driving it. You’ll hear from the godfather of the biohacking movement, Dave Asprey, New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Joseph Mercola & Tim Gray, the UK’s leading biohacker. Join me as I visit the Upgrade Labs biohacking conference in Beverly Hills & sit down & speak with the experts to help uncover common misconceptions & how EMF, nutritional deficiencies & food are impacting our mental health.

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