Biohackers (2020) Netflix – REVIEW

This is the review of the netflix series BIOHACKERS which is released in august 20 2020. Biohackers 2020 is an good series. Its the review of the biohackers series. Biohackers goes with the main character Mia. And the story moves on with she and her friends. Netflix is a streaming platform like amazon prime, hotstar, disney etc. netflix created this BioHackers series. BioHackers Review, BioHackers Explanation, BioHackers OverView, BioHackers Plot, Best Netflix series, best biohackers 2020 review. Biohackers by netflix in 2020 is a good series to binge. have fun. cheers!!

The trailer opens with Professor Lorenz lecturing her incoming class. “Let’s talk about the future,” she says. “Synthetic biology has turned us from creatures to creators. It’s not only the future of medicine, but of humankind. It is our responsibility to create the world of the future. You are the creators of tomorrow.” Then we see Mia arriving for med school and meeting her new roommates: a woman who answers the door starkers, an adorably geeky-looking young man, and another young woman who proudly shows off her science project—a plant-based bio-piano.

The roommates soon meet a couple of cute science-minded guys, Jasper and Niklas, one of whom invites Mia to his place to check out his home biohacking lab. Granted, it’s the science-nerd equivalent of inviting someone up to see one’s etchings, but Jasper has managed to inject a mouse with green fluorescent protein so it glows green, which is tailor-made to charm.

It isn’t long before Jasper helps land the ambitious Mia a job at Professor Lorenz’s biotech company. And that’s when the trouble starts. Mia might have ulterior motives for wanting to join Lorenz’s research group, asking questions about exactly what kind of research is being done. “Things you can’t do at the university,” a cryptic Jasper tells her. Mia’s curiosity arouses Lorenz’s suspicions. And Mia does have a secret, it seems, relating to childhood memories of her younger brother. Maybe they were both part of one of Lorenz’s early experiments, which ended badly. Mia vows to ruin Lorenz in revenge. But will she end up putting her new friends in danger in the process?

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