BIOHACKER SUMMIT 2017 HELSINKI Highlights Aftermovie

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Biohacker Summit is the top biohacking conference in Europe for optimizing your life with nutrition, technology, training and other strategies.

The purpose is better living through science and nature. How to become healthier, more mindful and connected by optimizing our environment both internal and external.

There are speakers who are experts in their field, cutting-edge products, innovative companies and a ton of amazing people.

This is an aftermovie I made about the Biohacker Summit 2017 Helsinki highlights. Next summit is going to be in Stockholm May.

I want to thank the organizers for hosting such an incredible event. Had a lot of fun, made so many new connections and left with remarkable memories.

For everyone who drank too much coffee at the summit:

7 Easy Biohacks for Every Day:

Stay Empowered

Speakers speaking in this video in chronological order: Teemu Arina (FIN), Ben Greenfield (USA), Jaakko Halmetoja (FIN), Kasper van der Meulen (NLD), Hannu Kinnunen (FIN), Joseph Cohen (USA), Yarrow Willard (CAN), Bob Troia (USA), Vanessa Spina (CAN), Petteri Lahtela (FIN), Tomi Kokko (FIN), Simo T. Suoheimo (FIN), Olli Sovijärvi (FIN)

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