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I’m going to start calling these Brunch Chats. LoL Another great Q&A chat session with Ben Siong founder of Australian Strength Performance and Australia’s renowned body composition specialist.

I do hope this Q&A with Ben gave you some information that you can take away and apply to your life. Thank you to everyone who join in for my FIRST multistream LIVE SHOW on facebook, youtube, twitter – and dropped in questions on my Instagram at @linoralow. Don’t worry for there will be more session from Ben coming to you soon 🙂

Here are the time stamps of the questions, so you can easily jump to them 🙂

9:26 – How did you manage rejections in the beginning of your career
13:27 – What’s a good ratio of fat carbs and protein during the luteal phase
18:00 – Ben how I increase my weigh/load in a bench press, I feel weak at my anterior belt
29:00 – What is a suitable training for women who have a big lower body and huge thighs – as I understand you can’t spot reduce. Difficult to for me lose thigh fat and lower abs.
33:10 – Your views on carb cycling?
34:56 – Proper squat for kids? How essential is it or just let them explore their ROM first?
44:27 – Lets say I have an ankle that clicks, what type of specific exercise should be done to strengthen this muscle
48:25 – How can we enhance a client’s mentality?
52:15 – 12 year old kid. Overweight, female 66kg. How you you advise her to lose weight by getting active and not just starve. She hates exercising.
54:45 – Mom is starting chemo. Can she take magnesium supplement to assist her sleep? What food is good for her?
1:02:16 – A lot of MMA fighters train HIIT routines and this leads to loss of muscle mass instead of fats. Comparing to a western male athlete, they are huge and lean. Is this cause of their culture and food intake in their country?1:06:57 – You mentioned oestrogen contributing to fat accumulation in the body. Will eating lots of chicken and beef causes increase in external estrogen and then storage of more fat?
1:08:37 – Could you recommend saw awesome workouts for a 6 year old?
1:11:01 – How do you think the fitness industry will change post -RMO (freelance / boutique /chain)
1:12:30 – Are you into biohacking? If so what are your biohacking gadgets or methods you use?

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