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You can get the most out of your life through biohacking. You can spend less time at the gym but achieve better results. You feel more energetic, more focused and you recover faster because you sleep better. In this article, you can read how you can take your first steps to biohacking.


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What is biohacking?

Biohacking is so much more than drinking a smoothie, as the ‘Instagram fit girls’ would have you believe. Biohacking is about optimizing your performance, health and well-being. It uses science, technology and a deeper understanding of human physiology and nutrition. The powerful thinking behind biohacking is that taking good care of yourself is ultimately cheaper and more profitable than treating diseases.

The ‘main areas’ of biohacking

Biohacking has five main areas:

– Practice
– Nutrition
– Sleep
– Spirit
– Work

Applying biohacking in these five areas improves health, prolongs life, reduces stress, increases productivity, improves performance and improves sleep quality. Tackling all areas at once is not advised, because biohacking is not cheap but at the same time, it is.

Huh …, contradiction?

Biohacking requires an investment in money and time. This will not be “cheap” at first. However, the results you will achieve compared to what you will miss out on if you don’t bio-hack will pay back your investments in biohacking. So in other words, It’s worth it!

I explain it with an example. Suppose you don’t sleep well. As a result, you miss focus during the day and your performance suffers. You also don’t reach out to potential customers because you don’t feel up to it. You lose hours, opportunities and ultimately – money. In addition, your lack of energy causes irritation. You take it out on your partner and you don’t feel like working on your intimate relationship in the evening.

A solution

You can start improving your sleep quality by investing in various supplements. In addition, you can choose various technologies to help you to sleep better and to measure sleep quality. The total investment would approximately amount to € 5,500, which is initially not “that cheap”.

However, you start to notice that these bio-hacking investments improve your sleep. The result is that you suddenly have much more energy during the day, you get more work done. You win new assignments because people feel good about you. In addition, your mood improves, so that your relationship with your partner is good again and you have enough energy in the evening for wild sex. Suddenly that “big investment” is a bargain, because sleeping well now makes ‘life’ much easier.

Although I am still a rookie in biohacking, I know that the way I perform now in my life would never have been possible without biohacking. Various improvements in my life include:

– more energy and focus;
– improved health;
– faster recovery after exercise and from diseases;
– a 400% increase in my sleep quality;
– sports achievements that used to take me 1.5 hours and now only fifteen minutes,
– improved productivity in the field of high-performance coaching & business coaching.

Get this episode’s summary, related quotes, and podcast version: