Biohacking, Business automation & Work-life Balance: 3 Things I wish I'd told myself 8 years ago

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3 Things I wish I would have told myself 8 years ago about Biohacking, Business & Work-life Balance. (Full Speech)

Venture Cafe speech, July, Rotterdam – Lova Kremer Founder of Why Not 3? Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs

In this speech you see founder Lova Kremer talk about his journey as an entrepreneur. How he discovered ideas while trying to achieve an optimal work life balance. First, he talks about how important it is to have a work life balance before you put yourself into high-stress situations. Because those high-stress situations need the proper attention, support and time in order to get through them efficiently.

Then he talks about how he discovered the biohacking community and how within this community he understood the system mindset. Learning about food, toxin low nutrition, biohacking gear . And how it can all interact and most importantly how the biohackers track themselves. It’s this tracking that gives them power to make certain decisions to keep them young and healthy.

At the end, the speech is all about how you can use those principles to automate your business and travel the world and be completely location independent.