Virtual Meetup by Biohacking Congress, June 25th, 2020

😎 We here at Biohacking Congress believe that one of the biggest investment opportunities over the next decade will be in companies working to promote longevity and those focusing on improving health spans, enabling humanity to live free of disease, rather than living forever. According to Bank of America analysts, this market is expected to be worth at least $600 billion by 2025. ⠀

On June 25th, we enjoyed hosting our Virtual Meetup with experienced investors and expert panelists to learn what trends in HealthTech and LongevityTech they consider the best to invest in. ⠀

We were very honored to have so many promising Startups from #BioTech and #HealthTech industries that excited investors.

The Meetup began with the Panel Discussion on the topic: “Innovations in LongevityTech, HealthTech, and BioTech Industries. Opportunities for Investment”. ⠀

The moderator:
⭐️JuliaSmila, Co-Founder & CEO, Unicorn Lab
Our great Speakers:
⭐️Adam Dakin, Managing Director, Dreamit Ventures
⭐️Kate Batz, Managing Partner, Longevity Capital
⭐️Meghan Cross, Partner, Amplifyher Ventures
⭐️Max Zamkow, Partner, Third Act Ventures
⭐️Guenther Brueggenwerth, LifeHub UK Lead Radiology, Bayer AG ⠀

At the second part of the Meetup was the pitch session of prominent Startups:
⭐️Sana Health,
⭐️FBB Biomed, ⠀

Each pitch was followed by feedback from the members of Venture Funds:
⭐️Astir Ventures –
⭐️Dreamit Ventures –
⭐️Rising Tide –
⭐️Sartorian Ventures –
⭐️Bayer LifeHub UK –
⭐️Amplifyher Ventures –
⭐️Loyal VC –
⭐️VU Venture Partners –
⭐️Agroecology Capital –
⭐️SOSV –
⭐️Longevity Capital –
⭐️Tau Ventures –
⭐️Third Act Ventures –
⭐️Amyx Ventures – ⠀
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