Ketogenic Diet, Natural Wines, Meditation and Biohacking w/ Todd White. Way of The Warrior Ep.3

Dave Grega speaks with Biohacker and Natural Wine Enthusiast Todd White on this episode of “Way of the Warrior” Below are time marked interest points during this inspiring and insightful conversation. Find out more about Dry Farm wines, Todd’s company, at:

Dry Farm Wine [5:00]

Natural Wine Benefits [7:30]

Aran Healy, Ruby Wine [10:40]

Ketogenic Diet [18:39]

Desperation not Inspiration [19:55]

Cognitive benefits of a Ketogenic diet [26:00]

Food and Health [30:00]

Meditation [35:12]

The Universe and its Power [39:07]

Judgment [51:20]

Law of Energy [52:12]

As we think so we Become [56:43]