Biohacking Mood and Mental Health with Ivo

I interview my friend Ivo, a biohacker. Biohacking is the art of optimizing one’s biochemistry and physiology through various practices from basic lifestyle techniques to using more advanced technologies like apps, genetic testing, and employing unique compounds like peptides.

Whatever the method the goal of biohacking is to tweak health to be the best version of ourselves.

Ivo’s story is interesting. From a young age he was interested in using food to optimize his health. He then applied this interest to enhance his physical fitness and more recently has noticed a profound impact on using various lifestyle techniques to optimize his mood.

Ivo emphasizes first tackling the “low hanging fruit” of diet and lifestyle strategies, stacking them to produce the profound effect of moving from a mild-to-moderate depression, or dysthymia, to a robust and resilient mood state.

We talk diet and exercise, genomic testing, gut microbiome, intermittent fasting, light exposure, BDNF, hormesis and even the use of peptides like oxytocin to boost mood.

Keep in mind of course that none of this episode is meant to replace the one-to-one health advice of a licensed professional and that many of the therapies we talk about: from peptides to psychedelics, to even genetic testing, are not therapies that an Ontario-licensed ND has access to and are discussed for purely educational purposes.

I hope you enjoy this conversation!

Here are some of the links discussed in the episode: