E 13 | Free & Easy Biohacks That Anyone Can Do – Interview with Amanda McVey

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02:44 What is biohacking
06:47 Natural ways to bio-hack your health
07:35 The body is so brilliant
07:54 Let’s talk about the cells
09:01 The first hour and last hour of sunlight
10:41 Think about the quality of the water you’re taking in
13:10 How much time in the sun do you need for Vitamin D?
16:37 Let’s talk about oxygen
17:59 Benefits of deep calm breathing
19:38 What is holotropic breathwork?
22:14 Tools to switch off the fight-or-flight
24:40 40 years of Zen
27:03 Your cells like to exercise
27:57 The Earth can exercise our cells
28:50 Great tip for getting your cellular exercise
30:03 Our cells like to get rid of waste
30:36 Great way to get rid of the cellular waste at home
33:37 Evening cold showers for better sleep
35:12 What is Upgrade Lab
38:53 Post electromagnetic field (PEMF) for cellular exercise
42:03 Red light therapy
42:55 Biohacked Workout

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