Oxygen Hyperbaric Chamber (HBOT) – Biohack Your Brain with Luke Storey

I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Daniel Amen for the Life Stylist Podcast, where he discovered my brain could use some TLC due to past abuse. The foundation of his recovery protocol for me was 100+ hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions. When I priced this out, I was going to have to spend $25k-$30k plus travel/commute time, so I eventually just decided to buy my own. After much research I settled on the Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 chamber. I’ve used it just about everyday and it’s been incredibly effective for brain function, and travel recovery etc. I love it so much I decided to make a short video about it, and also add it to my online store. Click below to watch the video, and make sure to go back and give a listen to the Dr. Scott Sherr episode, all about HBOT for a super deep dive into this powerful biohacking tool. Here are all the links:

• Episode #267 w/ Dr. Danial Amen: This is My Brain on Drugs, Booze, EMF, & Trauma – https://www.lukestorey.com/lifestylistpodcast/this-is-my-brain-on-drugs-booze-emf-trauma-with-dr-daniel-amen-lukes-spect-scan-results-267
• Episode #240 w/ Dr. Scott Sherr: Healing Almost Anything w/ Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – https://www.lukestorey.com/lifestylistpodcast/healing-almost-anything-w/-hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy-feat-dr-scott-sherr-240
• Learn more about it here – https://www.conariumwellness.com/luke-storey/ Make sure to fill out the inquiry form using code LUKE to receive a discount!

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