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The TED of Transformation My friend Vishen Lakhiani’s exploration of peak human potential began in 2001, when he took meditation classes to remedy his crushing work stress in a New York technology company. This soon inspired him to launch Mindvalley: a publisher and marketer of online self-help programs. Back then, shortly after he launched some of his first meditation apps, I actually hosted Vishen on the podcast  The World’s Best Phone Apps For Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation , in which we geeked out on meditation, and the meditation apps that Vishen and his team began designing. After 15 years, 3 million students, and numerous accolades from the likes of Huffington Post, BBC, Inc. Magazine, and WorldBlu, Mindvalley became recognized as one of the world’s top workplaces, and a leading publisher in the personal growth industry. But Vishen’s vision extended further. He believes many aspects of mainstream education remain dangerously stuck in obsolete industrial revolution-era paradigms. And that the evolution of humanity’s consciousness is lagging behind our innovations in technology. This makes the evolution of our education – or as he calls it, Transformational Education – one of our most pressing concerns. Through Mindvalley, Vishen now works with governments, education institutions, technology innovators, artists, and the world’s best teachers to create deeply transformational learning experiences: the kind that elevate people of all ages and walks of life into empowered, cosmocentric, highly evolved human beings. Today, Vishen is a leading voice for transformational education and is the founder of annual events like A-Fest and Mindvalley U, both events which I’ve attended and spoken at. He also speaks on stages across the world on subjects such as personal growth, education technology, and workplace culture. He sits on the Innovation Board of the XPrize Foundation, an advocate of human-centric technological development. And he’s also a bestselling author, including the incredibly popular book “Code Of The Extraordinary Mind”. But Vishen’s latest mission is arguably his most audacious yet: within the next 20 years, he intends to completely evolve mankind’s approach to learning, by bringing Transformational Education to every country and Fortune 500 company on the planet. One of the ways he’s doing that is via the innovative MindValley Quests, and in today’s podcast, we talk about the new Beauty & Longevity Quest I’ve created with MindValley, and much, much more! During our discussion, you’ll discover: -When and why Vishen launched Mind Valley…14:32 Wanted to start the next great social media platform in 2002. Lost everything; owed money; couldn’t pay rent. Got a job selling tech info to lawyers. Ended up depressed. Hit rock bottom. Googled, “Why does life suck so bad?” Discovered class on meditation. Was the only person who showed up to the class. Began applying meditation, empathy, intuition into his work. Sales improved exponentially in 4 months. Looking to tap into the subconscious for ideas. How Vishen incorporated meditation into his sales calls: Gave his mind “instructions”: Only call lawyers that are a good fit for the tech. Would benefit both sides from a sale. Ran hand over names; listened for a “gut impulse.” Yes, or no. Doubled sales in one week listening to his gut. Quit sales job and became a meditation instructor. Took the Silva Mind Control; adapted to his own practice. Has now integrated with Mind Valley. “Mind Valley Intuition Program” How often do you do the Silva Mind Control? -The 113 points that are measured in the Mind Valley program…30:20 Based on an online assessment developed by Jon Butcher. Unifying different models of personal growth via merger, acquisition. Prices on programs are lowered, more available to people. -Vishen’s own personal habits and bio hacks…34:00 Extremely structured life. Aspergers causes awkwardness in social situations, OCD behavior in work. Knowledge is data; focus on transformation to live a more fulfilling life. Focusing on transformation changed Vishen’s outlook on life, physical appearance, mindset. Wants to have the biggest jump in consciousness in history by 2038. Vishen’s Daily Routine: 6 phase meditation “Transcendent practice” Compassion Gratitude Forgiveness Creative visualization (long term) Visualize today Prayer or a blessing Intermittent fasting Cold thermogenesis Healthy morning shake Coconut oil Raw green powder Acai Protein powder Super slow strength training Very regimented work program. 8 hours per day. Family, reading, study time. -How Vishen fixed his eyesight…57:20 Read his blog post about it here. Get your eyes checked from a doctor, not an optometrist. Get glasses one increment down from your actual vision. Install eye chart in your home. Get a vision coach, online vision course. Eyeglasses are a crutch! -Vishen’s sleep routine…1:03:35 -The die