Biohacking with Ozone Therapy | Deep Dive into Hacking Your Biology

What is aging and what can we do to stall it?

Aging is a complex, multifactorial process, but scientists believe two factors play a big role in aging. Oxidative stress exponentially increases as we age and oxygen efficiency decreases as we age.

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::::Biohacking with Ozone Therapy Article::::

Ozone therapy may be a good biohacking tool because evidence suggests its ability to reduce oxidative stress and increase oxygen efficiency.

Ozone therapy is commonly used in professional sports, like the NFL, and is widely accepted as a performance enhancing treatment.

It is also used to improve cognitive function and decrease brain fog.

Biohacking with ozone therapy is easy to do at home for under $1 per treatment. People also do ozone therapy at the doctors office.

Check out the guide above if you’re interested in ozone therapy at home.