2.2lbs Wild Harvested 98% Cracked Cell Wall Pine Pollen Powder OS authentication by Kuming yudao biotechnology co.,Ltd

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Important Information Indications people can drink it everyday to keep healthy. it is also a good gift for friends and relatives. Ingredients natural pollen pini Directions The ways of making pollen pini mask: 1, Mixing with milk, egg white and pollen pini. With hot water mixing the milk first, and then put into egg white , adding 3-5g pollen pini in moderate temperature. At last, the mask cream is finished. 2, Taking out a spoon of honey, 3-5g pollen pini and a raw yolk. Putting yolk into raw pollen pini, and add a spoon of honey. Then you can use as masks. Twice a week, long-term taking can smooth skin and remove wrinkles. Product Description This product is made by 100% pure pollen pini of wild pinus massoiana lamb in Yunnan remote mountains with very comfortable light yellow color. It tastes bitter, but smells as fresh scent of intense pine. Pollen pini is known for single source, pure quality, stable ingredients and so on. Contrasting with flavor of other plants and flowers, this kind of products with light fragrance of pine nut is much better, so it is called “king of pollen”. Pollen pini is rich in different kinds of nutrition constituents which are necessary for our body. It is healthy drink and material for making mask. Makes you healthy and beautiful.