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What is biohacking? What are the benefits of cryotherapy and tracking cellular health? In this episode, I visit Upgrade Labs, the world’s first state of the art facility that is dedicated to improving physical and mental performance by hacking your body’s own biology!

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What questions or comments do you have about biohacking? Have you tried biohacking your body? Share your story and thoughts in the comments below!

Biohacking is the scientific process of changing the environment around you and inside of you in order to have complete control of your biology. Biohacking allows you to SUPERCHARGE your mind, your health and your performance! Dave Asprey and Upgrade Labs have created the first ever body transformative experience that combines biohacking with a functional medicine clinic. I got to try cryotherapy, which is great for cellular regeneration and an immune system boost along with adaptive resistance technology, which provides the equivalent of ONE WEEK of workouts within 15 MINUTES. Yes, you read that right! Biohacking is the amazing transformative process of becoming a superhuman.

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