Father Of Biohacking – Dave Asprey: SLEEP HACKING

Dave Asprey, Father of Biohacking, says you might not be as good at sleeping as you thought.

There is an epidemic of bad sleep.

So how can you hack it? Dave dug in.

Should you take collagen protein, raw honey, or Brain Octane Oil before you go to bed? Or none of the above?

Dave tested it. He looked at the lighting in his room. He looked at the color of glasses he wore and learned he could double his quality of sleep by wearing the right kind of glasses.

The holy grail? A ring.

The Oura Ring tracks your deep sleep, REM sleep, heart rate variability, the quality of sleep, and how recovered you are from sleep – and gives you an accurate report of how well you slept the night before.

Figure out how to know if your sleep is good, once you know how you’re doing, you can improve.

Disclaimer: Because Dave Asprey is so passionate about the product, he is also an investor in Oura Ring.

Learn more about how to hack your sleep here:


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